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Skull Island eXpeditions takes it first step into original speculative fiction with Miles Holmes’ thrilling pulp adventure saga Tales of the Invisible Hand!

Journey to high-flying adventures in an age long forgotten by modern man! Tales of the Invisible Hand begins a saga of arcane technology, mighty empires, and ancient conspiracy before the dawn of civilization, a saga that will shape our world.

For the unlikely pair of Zekh and Gaur—a rookie pilot eager to prove himself and the Neanderthal inquisitor he is tasked to deliver—a routine diplomatic mission becomes a baptism by fire. A flight deep into untamed territory to investigate unrest among the primitive tribes exposes an ancient menace and ignites a chain of events that will forever alter the course of human history. With the future of mankind hanging in the balance, the mismatched travelers must overcome their differences and learn to trust in each other’s instincts if they want to have any hope of surviving...


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August 10, 2016
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*Product information and prices subject to change
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Soft Cover
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