Official WARMACHINE & HORDES category on Twitch

Now you can #PlayItPainted using the new official "WARMACHINE & HORDES" category on Twitch, (complete with new box art)!

Official broadcasts can still be found at, and remember to tune in during Lock & Load to keep up with news and special events at the show including:

● Friday Hourly Live Updates - Friday 12pm-7pm, on the hour *FRIDAY ONLY!
● Iron Painter Showdown- Friday 8pm
● Final MkII Iron Gauntlet World Championship - Saturday 9AM
● Lock & Load 2016 Keynote - 9pm
● Staff Scramble - Sunday 10AM

*Note: All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time, (PDT). Viewers who subscribe to our channel are now able to watch our streams ad-free!

Be a part of the WARMACHINE & HORDES streaming community by selecting the official category via "Dashboard > Live tab > Playing" during your Twitch streams!

Want to keep up with streams by your favorites in the community? You can find WARMACHINE & HORDES broadcasts using the new category in the "Search Games" field, (or by clicking here).