Announcing Warmadness 2019

Starting tomorrow, we’re pitting some of WARMACHINE and HORDES’ most iconic characters head-to-head in a bracket-style competition voted on by you!

How will it work?

From Thursday, March 28th, until Saturday, April 13th, we will post matchup polls on Facebook and Twitter, each running 24 hours, pitting a pair of legendary WARMACHINE and HORDES warcasters or warlocks against each other. The winner of each pairing will move on to the next bracket until the overall winner is crowned Warmadness Champion. Who knows? Maybe we might end up doing something special with the winning character not too far down the line…

So what do you need to do?

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages to start voting for your favorites. Voting criteria is all up to you, maybe a warlock has your favorite rules set, or you love that other warcaster's backstory, or you just pick whoever looks the coolest. You have the power!!