Black Anchor Industries: Well of Orboros

Well, well, well.

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

I’m here to talk about the Well of Orboros, the sweet new structure coming soon to a Circle Orboros army near you.

And I figured the best way to do so was the build a truly awesome army list, and then convince you that it is, in fact, truly awesome.

One of the things I really like about the Well is how versatile it is. It comes with a variety of tools that can give it a home in pretty much every Circle Orboros army. So, when I sat down to have a go at building an army for the Well, I focused on a couple of its specific features, and to that end, I settled on a list for the Bones of Orboros theme force. Here is what I’ve got!

Kaya the Wildheart
- Wold Wight x 9 (!!)
- Woldwarden x 2
Blackclad Stoneshaper x 3
Blackclad Wayfarer x 2
Shifting Stones
Well of Orboros x 2

Yes, you read that wight. Nine Wold Wights! And note that, in this list, both Blackclad Wayfarers and one of the Stoneshapers are free.

There are a couple features of this list I really love. First, the Wold Wights provide nine Shield Guards and have an excellent defense on the approach, thanks to Fog of War. I think an intriguing bit of tech is that, when in proximity to the Wells, the Construct beasts get Hyper-Aggressive, and the Shield Guards allow you to chain enemy ranged attacks onto the model you want to get a free advance. Also, as a Fury 6 warlock, Kaya really loves the additional control range provided by the Well, extending the range of her Fog of War until it becomes Synergy once the lines close, giving her a bit more leeway on her feat range.

I like the Woldwardens here for Geomancy to throw out the occasional Blood Spiller for a free charge.

Lastly, the Wells provide some useful boostable, high-POW guns for a bit of ranged support.

So, what do you think? What kind of cool lists are you putting together for your Wells of Orboros? Are you also building around specific theme forces, or are you exploring a wide variety of different choices? I’m looking forward to seeing some of your awesome Wells of Orboros at Lock & Load this year!