Bokur Brawl

Privateer Press brings you this guest insider from Bokur Brawl with some history, insight, and news about this upcoming WARMACHINE/HORDES event!

Hosted by the New Jersey Somerville Ogrun Bokurs, the Bokur Brawl began three years ago as an idea to bring the WTC play style to local players and to provide a premier tournament experience. In our first year, we crammed 48 players into a tiny Moose Lodge in Flemington, NJ, for a three-person team event—and we had a blast! Last year, we upgraded our event, the location, and our scope to host over 100 players across three events over three days at a massive VFW in Manville, NJ. We had participating players from as far away as Canada, and we were very happy to host Dark Lance Designs as our on-the-spot custom widget maker. This year, we plan to continue our growth with more events, more swag, more prizes, and most important, more people!

In 2019, we will be holding the Bokur Brawl from October 4th to 6th at the same VFW in Manville, NJ. Our three WARMACHINE events are the WarFaire Weekend Qualifier Steamroller, the Big Base Brawl, and the Bokur Brawl itself, a WTC-style five-person team tournament. And best of all, this year, we’re also adding a painting competition!

The WarFaire Weekend Qualifier (held on the 4th) is an upgrade to our Wildcard Event last year, and we are very much looking forward to giving the winner a ticket to WarFaire Weekend as well as a custom trophy! Each player will also receive a customized giveaway for this year’s event. Join this tournament for a shot at glory and to test your mettle against some of the best WARMACHINE players around, as last year’s winner Danny McGeehan can attest!

The Big Base Brawl is an event that’s all about the prizes. Last year, we gave away 10 huge-base models of all kinds to the top 10 players in the tournament and custom huge-base proxies to everyone. This year, we will be giving out 15 huge-base models, and with the current event size planned at 32 people, you don’t even need to go 4-1 for a shot at a prize! This event is great for players of all skill levels, since almost half the field will be going home with a massive model! To quote last year’s champion, Steve King, our event “is the most efficiently run large-scale tournament on the East Coast.” You don’t want to miss it!

As an added bonus for both of these events, we will once again be running the Bokur Bounty, an achievement-based system for winning additional prizes! Last year, players completed tasks such as Top of Two Assassinations, defeating players from the winning Bokur Brawl team, losing a game, and having their Bokur do its very best and get killed shielding its client. Based on the difficulty of the task, players could pick from Privateer Press dice, widgets, models, and signed posters. One player walked away with three huge-base models from assassinations alone! This year, look for even more prizes and even more ways to earn them.

Finally, there is the main event: The Bokur Brawl team tournament. After receiving their swag bags and customized team folders, the sets of five players will battle it out across two days to determine the best bunch of Bokurs! Prizes will be awarded to all players of the top three teams, and we want to extend our congratulations once more to team Kat “#1 Ret Player NA” Royer Fanclub for placing first last year!

In addition to our WARMACHINE events, this year we will also be hosting three Monsterpocalypse events! Each event will use a different number of monsters, starting with 1 on Friday, continuing with 2 on Saturday, and ending with 3 on Sunday! Play in all three for a shot at becoming the King or Queen of the Manville Massacre!

Our mission is to provide a premier tournament from start to finish, but there is more to the player experience than well-run events. Meals are included in the tickets for each event, there is a bar on the premises, all players receive unique swag for each event, and every person’s game is treated with value, whether it is the finals table for the WarFaire Weekend Qualifier or two people duking it out for the final place in the fun bracket. At the Bokur Brawl, we want everyone to have the best experience, from the top-tier-competitive to the most casual players. Whether you want to come and play for the top prize or just guarantee yourself some games, we have something for everyone, including free play space and a board game library!

Check out for all the details for this event—registration opens June 1st! If you would like to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, like us on Facebook and send us a message to subscribe to our newsletter.

See you at the Brawl!

—Seth Cohen and Stephen Rabideau, NJSOBs and Bokur Brawl Organizers