Infernal CID Launch Dev Chat

Hello, all current and upcoming Infernalists! Are you prepared for your Soul Goo to be claimed by the Infernal Masters next week when the Infernals CID begins? I hope so! However, we’re going to launch the Infernal CID slightly differently than previous CIDs, so I wanted to take a moment to lay out exactly how we will roll out Infernals.

Typically, we launch a CID in the morning, right around 9 o’clock PST. Then, at 10 A.M., we jump into the Dev Chat to go over all the model rules and interactions with you after the community has had a chance to take a look at the rules.

This is where we are going to diverge from the norm.

Instead of launching the Infernal CID first thing in the morning when we get into the office, we will be launching it at 1 P.M. PST.

Infernals are a complex Faction with many new rules and cool interactions. Because they are going to have elements to them that are drastically different than we’ve ever seen before in WARMACHINE & HORDES, we wanted to make sure that the community has a chance to hear it all from us first before just slapping a PDF in front of you. This will give us a chance to explain how the models work and to field any questions in real time, so when we give you the model rules, you can focus on coming up with cool ways to play them instead of trying to wrap your head around how their new interactions work.

So, here is a very authentic, official itinerary for Wednesday, March 6th. I can’t wait to see you all there!

8:55 A.M.-ish: Jeff arrives at the office
9:00 A.M.: Jeff eats his morning yogurt
9:05 A.M.: Jeff heckles Hungerford (unknown duration)

(Wait. Here is the stuff you actually care about…)

10:00 A.M. until noon: Dev Chat! We are scheduling two hours for this, but it could go shorter or longer depending on questions, etc.
1:00 P.M.: CID goes live! Model rules, concept art, and forums are available for the community!