Locking Down Lock & Load GameFest 2019

Now that tickets are on sale for this year’s Lock & Load GameFest, the behind-the-scenes action is in full swing in the Privateer offices. While you’re getting your badge and registering for any of the wide variety of events here (http://privateerpress.com/lock-load-gamefest-2019), we’re having these infernal discussions here


“First-day sales exceeded last year, so let’s get ready to announce the remaining events sooner than we had planned since the other events are filling up fast.”


“Cosplay folks are already asking about the contest—including at least one well-known community member who is putting together an Infernals costume.”


“We will sell out of that Infernals logo pin on the first day, so we’ll need to revise our production run. We might run out of these three other Infernals pins as well, so let’s make sure we have enough to at least last the weekend.”

Iron Arena

“We’ve found some pretty spectacular stuff as we’ve been cleaning out the warehouses over the past year. Why don’t we put some of it in the Iron Arena as prize support? It would make Iron Arena even more epic than usual. And let’s add new Infernals concept art prints this year, too.”


“So, we’ll have Khador mugs in stock again this year, and the Infernals one is going to look fantastic. Now, let’s talk about those casino dice…”


“We have some options when it comes to swag this year. Everyone seems to love patches. I see them on players’ bags all the time.”


“This will be the place to showcase our new wave of Monsterpocalypse models, I think. Can’t wait announce our next game for 2020…”

The planning continues right up until June, so more revelations to come. In the meantime, this is the time to get your tickets, book your flights, lock down your hotel room, and get locked and loaded to join the Privateer Press staff at Lock & Load 2019, June 21–23. Get all the info right here: http://privateerpress.com/lock-load-gamefest-2019