The Beginning of the End: Enter Chuck Dogwood

The Iron Kingdoms. One of the richest and most beloved fantasy settings literally ever created. Literally.

For nearly two decades, families have gathered around their grandparents’ laps to hear the tales of heroism and villainy that define the IK. Stories such as Stryker’s heroic charge against Lich Lord Terminus, Markus “Siege” Brisbane breaking the great walls of Sul, Haley doing…I don’t know, weird Haley time things.

So, with the oncoming Infernal invasion, we have to ask ourselves who among the pantheon of great Cygnaran heroes will save us this time? Who has the strength of character, the force of will, and the sheer sassiness to get the job done?

I’ve got two words for you…

Chuck. Freaking. Dogwood.


Wait a second. Which timeline are we in again? Oh, this is Riot Quest? Where the hell did all our poster boys go?

They’re what?!

Okay, umm …. Gimme a second here.

Right, then. Chuck Dogwood! He may look like an insane hobo, but he also is one. Even though the Last Druid of Orboros was driven a tiny bit crazy by all the apocalyptic nonsense that caused Riot Quest to happen in the first place, that won’t stop him from becoming your favorite new character.

Chuck’s got it all, my friends. In addition to his incredibly majestic beard and bedazzled cape, Chuck charges into combat with his makeshift Shifting Staff. Don’t mess with Chuck, okay? He’ll teleport your butt into the sun. Oh, and who’s that straight-chillin’ on his right hand? Why, it’s none other than Chuck’s trust sidekick, Woldy. That’s right—Chuck Dogwood may not know how to make very big Wolds, but he darn sure knows how to make cute ones!

We are so probably not screwed when Chuck Dogwood arrives to Riot Quest early next year.


<<DEV NOTE>> Mike, edit this part out ok. Just between you and me…the hell did Haley do to the timeline? I mean, I figured we’d have Stryker or Caine show up in Riot Quest to help everyone out but…really? They’re gone? I’d have even settled for Sturgis. And he’s canonically dead!