Winter Rampage Aftermath

Winter Rampage 2019 has come to an end, and it’s time to catch up on just how the war for Llael is going. Before we go over those results, let me explain exactly what this means in case you missed the earlier announcements.

This year, the fate of Llael (currently occupied by Khador) is in your hands. The results of three different organized play events will determine how things turn out for the various nations involved in the occupation. The player results in each event not only influence the subsequent game events, but also the third Acts of War book being written by Aeryn Rudel. That’s right, your games are dynamically changing the official storyline, as each chapter Aeryn writes reflects each event’s global results.

If you want to catch up on the story thus far, you can find the opening chapter on the Winter Rampage page here:

Now then, let’s get to the results of Winter Rampage!

To begin, players allied themselves to one of two agendas: Invaders or Liberators.

Invaders supported the forces of Khador, even if they weren’t Khadoran themselves. They saw the imperial occupation of Llael as sensible, and didn’t wish for the usurped Llaelese leadership to return to power.

Liberators supported the forces of Cygnar and the Llaelese Resistance. They saw Khador’s occupation of Llael as an injustice, and hoped to remove the imperial tyrants from their stolen position of power.

Winter Rampage took place in the snowy fields outside the city of Riversmet, which had previous been taken back by Magnus, Stryker, and Ashlynn. Khador didn’t take too kindly to this, and sent a force led by Assault Kommander Strakhov to retake this vital location. Winter Rampage represented the massive battle taking place just outside of Riversmet, to determine which side gained the upper hand and ultimately control of the city.

Well, if you’re a fan of the Llaelese Resistance, I’ve got some good news. The Liberators won by a freakin’ landslide. The percentages broke down to Liberators winning 76% of all player reported games, and the Invaders barely hanging on with a 24% win percentage.

Things are not looking good for the motherland!

Don’t worry though, this is just the beginning. The next chapter in this grand saga starts in April, with the Stormbreak narrative league. The rules for this league will be available in March. The battle is moving to another major city in Llael, Merwyn, where Khador is cooking up something that the world has never seen before, and that will change the face of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms forever. Unlike Winter Rampage, with took place outside of Riversmet, the upcoming league will completely take place within the city streets of Merwyn. Get ready for some real close quarters action!

In Stormbreak, players will once again align themselves to an Agenda: Liberators, Invaders, and … Opportunists. That’s right, in Stormbreak you can take your OWN side. War can be a profitable business, and if you don’t care who controls Llael, you just want to wreck face and get paid, well that’s going to be an option in the upcoming league.

Keep an eye out on future insiders for announcements of the Stormbreak rules going live, and for more fiction available from Aeryn soon reflecting the smashing success of the Liberators in Winter Rampage.