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In this week’s Insider, I’ll discuss the concept art development process for the MiniCrate models for the Legend of the Five Rings’ characters and showing previews of the miniatures in progress!

The Dawnguard Trident has swooped into the Black Anchor Heavy Industries production lines and is now up for preorder! I’d like to show off one of my favorite lists I played when testing this model: Ossyan in the Legions of Dawn theme force.

The Monsterpocalypse is now fully upon us!

Monsterpocalypse was released at the beginning of October with starters for the two agendas and blisters to support the two factions that launched the game. These products allowed players to get their first taste of the game and play a full 1-vs.-1 monster game, but as more products are released for the game, the experience of playing Monsterpocalypse gets deeper and deeper.

A Butcher’s Holiday, a Parable

by Douglas Seacat

No one asked to be assigned to Kommander Orsus Zoktavir’s forces. Or at least, so Lieutenant Nikhil Telmienov thought, no sane person would make such a request. Certainly, he never would have dreamed of doing such a thing. These were some of the thoughts occupying his mind not long after being transferred to join the strange and dour men and women who served the Butcher of Khardov.

Of Dust and Ash

by Matt Goetz


A hateful wind from the east scoured the Bloodstone Marches, bringing with it the tingling ozone of the Stormlands. Bursts of lightning flashed amid the roiling clouds of dust. Any wise creature chose to huddle in the shelter of caves or the leeward side of large rocks, lest they risk the whipping sands might strip away their very skin.

Hey, Hobbyists!

Today I plan to showcase how I made the base for my Railless Interceptor (due out in November on Black Friday). I used this same process for all of the other bases I’ve placed my Crucible Guard on. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ve broken this process down into four simple steps. 

We’ve got just a couple days left to go with our LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] second edition Kickstarter campaign, and we’re looking forward to finishing up the work on it and getting it off to the manufacturer as expeditiously as possible.

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Tharn CID cycle.


Longest Night 2018 is a Halloween-themed casual event that promotes candy, costumes, and some good old-fashioned tabletop carnage. Emphasis here on the COSTUMES!

Read on for how to participate, and what you can win if you do!

Living With the Monsterpocalypse


John Pressman, Big World News Network

by Will Hungerford

The Arcanists game was originally introduced in No Quarter Prime 05, allowing players to assume the role of a mighty wizard and wield a vast array of powerful spells to engage in mystic wars with other arcanists. Many magical wars have been waged since the initial release of Arcanists, and now it’s time for an upgrade! Not just any upgrade, mind you, but one benefitting a proper wizard. Spell books and wands may be useful, but every arcanist knows that a great wizard hat can be just as important as the traditional tools of the trade.

Click the magical link below, and enjoy the very first expansion for Arcanists: The Mystic Haberdashery!

While Privateer Press is best known for making miniatures games, we’ve made some fantastic board games as well. Our most acclaimed entry in this category is LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL], the second installment in the LEVEL 7 trilogy of board games.

Living With the Monsterpocalypse


John Pressman, Big World News Network

We are pleased to announce that Legend of the Five Rings MiniCrate subscriptions are now available!

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Retribution CID cycle.

YOOOOOOOOOO! What’s up, hobby friends? Today I have a special article for you, one might even say it’s riveting…heh heh heh… See what I did there?

Living With the Monsterpocalypse

Chapter 2 – Fighting Fire with Fire

John Pressman, Big World News Network

by Will Hungerford

“Loco Motion nearly took the Big Skipper’s head off!

In this concept art Insider, I’ll detail the MiniCrate concept for a female version of the Lord of the Feast. In my initial exploration sketches, I leaned heavily toward a direct translation of the Lord of the Feast but in a more feminine form.