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Attention citizens. Attention citizens.

This is NOT a drill. The Monsterpocalypse has returned. Repeat: This is NOT a drill.

Please refer to your G.U.A.R.D.-issued S.M.A.S.H. (Strategic Monster Attack Survival Handbook) literature.

TIME TO KAIJU INVASION: T-minus 5 months….

The time has come: ’Caster Draft is now officially available! What’s ’Caster Draft, you ask? It’s our newest (and by far one of our wildest) casual formats for WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Armored Corps has the update scene under siege! Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Armored Corps CID cycle. In addition to the Man-O-War models, a slew of warjacks are affected by these changes.

With the Armored Corps CID wrapped up and many of its models coming out soon, it’s time to talk about the Man-O-War chariots!

Come to Cosplay!

Lock & Load GameFest 2018 is just a few months away, and if you’re a cosplayer, you’ve undoubtedly been thinking about, working on, and fussing over your costume for this year’s contest!

I like it when I’m asked to write an Insider on an upcoming release; I have always viewed it as a privilege to share my work and some of my insight and techniques on how I do my job with the community as a whole. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t love talking about making models for Privateer Press games? Who doesn’t love reading abou—

With next month's release of various terrifying and maddened Blighted Ogrun, Matt Goetz is here to bring some of that insanity into Unleashed with the Blighted Ogrun Adventuring Company!

by Matt Goetz

Fire burned in Dragos’ arms and prickled in his aching back. He had long since passed the point of exhaustion and now fought on fueled only by rage.

For this concept art Insider, I’ll be discussing the development process on the new MiniCrate model Mrs. Walls, the bonus seventh model you receive with a VIP subscription.

Winter in Seattle seems like it will never end. One cold, gray morning passes into the next, broken up by sips of sunlight as thin and unpleasant as my first cup of coffee today. Sure, other parts of the world have actual blizzards, ice storms, and sub-zero temperatures to deal with, but for people in the Pacific Northwest, a few days of snow can feel like the dawning of a new Ice Age. While I understand that we're technically in spring now, it's still cold, man.

This May we’ve got a very special organized play event coming up for WARMACHINE. It’s called First Shot, and it’s one of the most unique and frankly experimental events we’ve ever produced.

Company of Iron has been a great experience for me. There are so many miniatures in the WARMACHINE line that I absolutely adore but have never had an excuse to paint up. For instance, I loved Trenchers for years, and that love led to the Filthy Five.

Hello, everybody! I’m here to introduce the official Crucible Guard color scheme today, (in case you missed the guerilla livestream Dallas rocked from AdeptiCon)!

Hey everybody! I’m here to introduce our latest MiniCrate model, Alten Van Helsing, and to tell you a bit about his transition from mere monster hunter into a foe of all creatures of the night.

For today’s Insider, I’m going to talk about the redesign and updated concept art for the Satyxis Raiders, which release this week.

Hello, everyone! Today the changes from the Primal Terrors CID cycle are going live.


With the fantastic new version of Skarre coming from Black Anchor Heavy Industries, you will want to know more about the infamous pirate queen and her crew. Skarre’s new title is Admiral of the Black Fleet, and if you want to learn all about the fleet she commands, No Quarter Prime has you covered!

Hello again, everybody! Today I want to talk about the development of one of the mainstays of the Crucible Guard, the ubiquitous and versatile Light Infantry.