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A special Giving Day treat, delivered by Douglas Seacat - Enjoy!

After working through a significant number of amazing entries, we have determined the winners of the Forge Your Company of Iron contest. Reading the stories and poring over the various alternate paint schemes and conversions was a fantastic treat for the holidays.

To wrap up this series of Insiders focused on Community Integrated Development, we’re going to take a look at the future.

Last week, William Hungerford discussed what we learned though our first year of Community Integrated Development, and boy, was it a lot! We’ve made many modifications to the process as time has gone on, and I’m sure we’ll make more as feedback about the process continues to pour in.

As the holidays approach, the PP staff is busy as elves (not the militant magic-hating kind, but the cute and adorable kind) sculpting, painting, packing, and casting miniatures for all the good children of the world...okay, the naughty Cryx kids get stuf,f too, ’cause we still love ’em. We are also gearing up for our office holiday celebration, a fun-filled day of food, games, and merriment. One game in particular caught my eye this year: the holiday miniature painting competition.

MiniCrate Gives You Wings!

When we design miniatures for WARMACHINE and HORDES, there are a lot of different considerations to bear in mind, particularly with how the miniature represents the game rules as well as the fiction of the setting. MiniCrate, however, frees us from those concerns and allows us to do something that is purely artistic expression with the only goal being to create a great-looking miniature that you want to paint and put on the table.

In the immortal words of Dallas Kemp: Woooooo Alligata! (For those that do not speak Missouri, this is a shout of happy excitement.) The Blindwater Congregation dynamic update is here, and it’s ready to drag and death roll anyone who stands in its way!

As 2017 comes to a close, so does our first year of Community Integrated Development, and what a year it has been!

We kicked things off with the Grymkin, introducing the world to not only the newest HORDES Faction but also to the CID process. Our inaugural CID cycle was as much a learning experience for us as it was for all of you. Make no mistake: while opening up the playtest process to the community-at-large was a daunting task, it was one that we (all of us, developers and players) tackled with gusto.

It’s preview time for Active Duty Roster (ADR)!

Last month, the Northkin stormed into HORDES, bringing the power of their frozen homeland down upon all who threaten their kith and kriel. However, while the howl of winter winds and roar of firebombs and fire eaters alike has echoed across the battlefield, a classic song says it’s not Christmas until you can hear those “slay bell jingling, and ring-ting tingling, too.”

You know that feeling you get the night before something awesome is about to happen? Maybe for you it’s Christmas Eve, and that feeling is the anticipation of opening all of Santa’s presents the next morning. Or perhaps it’s when you’re trying to sleep the night before you go on a long vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. That feeling I’m describing is what I’ve had in my gut every day since I found out we were finally going to make a Dracodile model.

Author Richard Lee Byers talks about his brand-new Iron Kingdoms novel, Black Crowns, which brings back the Black River Irregulars in the sequel to the popular Black Dogs novel. When the Black River Irregulars take on a job in the war-torn nation of Llael, they quickly get in over their heads. What begins as a simple search for an antique book becomes a fight for their lives when the Nightmare Empire of Cryx sends its own agents to seize the book.

2017 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster Winners

The P3 Grandmaster is one of my favorite events every year. Just seeing the talent and creativity of the community firsthand inspires me to push myself in both my professional and personal work. Imagination and artistry are fundamental to the hobby, and these pieces are superior examples of both. ☺

Benjamin Kantor’s Skarre imbues the viewer with a definite sense of dread as the pirate queen advances her reign of terror on the high seas.

No Quarter Prime #2 is heading your way at the end of November, and just like the white-hot first issue, this one is absolutely packed with fantastic content. What exactly is in this issue? Well, here’s the table of contents:

If you’ve somehow managed to escape our ebullient plugs for MiniCrate, then all you need to know is that MiniCrate is our newly launched subscription service that delivers an exclusive mini to your door once a month. There are two subscription plans to choose from: Collector, which is month-to-month, and VIP, which is a six-month plan that nets you a 7th bonus mini in your first shipment. The current minis are all variants of existing WARMACHINE & HORDES models, are exclusive to MiniCrate, and will only be produced once before we gloriously destroy the molds for your amusement.

This is how the cover of No Quarter Prime #2 begins: with a description…

Now that Company of Iron has been out for two weeks, lots of people have jumped into this new way to settle conflicts in the Iron Kingdoms. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of talk across all of social media. This Insider is an informal Frequently Asked Questions.

Here we go! Christmas comes early for the models currently in the game. This hot and fresh Dynamic Update for the 12 Factions of Christmas CID cycle is ready to rock!

Feast of the Fallen has begun! November’s narrative league is an exploration of the tyranny that has befallen many citizens of the Iron Kingdoms and their (not always successful) attempts to strike back. Sometimes, folks, the villains simply win!

What’s really cool about this month’s league is that it’s the first Organized Play event to feature Company of Iron support. You can play this entire league as just WARMACHINE & HORDES or as just Company of Iron, or you can utilize the linked scenario rules to play with everything.

To the Point: New Pins!

With WARMACHINE Weekend concluded, we have two new pins to add to your collection—and unless you were in St. Louis for the event where they premiered, you’ll want to get these now before the last of them are gone.