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Since before the release of Company of Iron, folks in the office and the community have been expressing their creativity in the types of lists and thematic choices they’re making for their armies. It has been exciting to see all the different color schemes, themes, and narratives people have been attaching to their forces for the game, so we thought we’d up the ante...

Announcing the Forge Your Company of Iron Contest—your chance to add to the legacy of the Iron Kingdoms!

Character. The Iron Kingdoms is full of character. From the warcasters that lead the armies of Immoren to a lowly gobber in Five Fingers, the entire world is full of character. The Privateer Press bust line allows you to focus in on the character in each face of our world. I love seeing the work our community puts into their hobby. From WIP on painting armies to crazy conversions to amazing terrain builds, the PP community is full of creative individuals with a passion for painting. Today, I wanna take a look at some of the communities contribution to our creative creations.

Welcome to another installment of Company of Iron list building! I’m your host, Pill Wagani (this is my pen name; I think it’s fitting!). Today, we’ll be talking about Circle Orboros and two lists that focus on the Wolf Sworn subtheme. These lists have a large number of models for their points and generally bring a significant number of attacks against the enemy, excelling at destroying opposing forces while being speedy enough to apply scenario pressure.

Next up, we’re going to talk about some of my favorite Legion of Everblight Companies of Iron (see what I did there?). We’ve just released a new model, Craelix, who is a total boss in Company of Iron (while also being quite strong in standard games of WARMACHINE and HORDES). So our first list, Fang of Everblight, features this new bow- and sword-wielding succubus. Our second Legion list, Silent Death, is a 25-point list that includes a pair of lesser warbeasts!

Today is the long-awaited day: Company of Iron is on store shelves everywhere!

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing it in the office, as you can see from the videos we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, and now you can get in on the fun with your friends.

Welcome to your next helping of awesome! Company of Iron is just around the corner, and I had a really hard time picking which lists to do for these last Insiders. With the new Ryssovass models out, I just couldn’t resist the call of the Retribution! We have two more lists for you, and both play quite differently. Our first list follows the Dawnguard to battle with a full unit of Invictors. With guns (and gunblades!) in hand, these durable troops fight well both at range and in melee. The second list focuses on the Nyss who have joined the Retribution. With cloak and claymore, these few remaining Nyss fight for their survival and for vengeance upon the dragon Everblight!


Today, we are pleased to announce a new production label for Privateer Press hobby models: Black Anchor Heavy Industries. It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s the name we’ve given to Privateer’s new line of large-scale, direct-order-only models. And it’s a name you’re going to want to know if you have your sights set on catching one of those formidable Dracodiles.

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Northkin CID cycle!

In this series of Insiders, we’ll take a Faction and then present two Company of Iron lists and an overview of how they operate. Twice each week, we’ll take a look at a different Faction and feature a 20-point and 25-point list. This edition: Cryx.

In this series of Insiders, we’ll take a Faction and then present two Company of Iron lists and an overview of how they operate. Twice each week, we’ll take a look at a different Faction and feature a 20-point and 25-point list. This edition: Trollbloods.

With all the exciting theme force releases, gatorman CID goodness, and the big reveal of No Quarter Prime, there’s a pair of models coming out this week that almost missed their time in the spotlight. Almost—until this Insider came along, that is!

Ah, Halloween! That delightful holiday where we dress ourselves and our children in costumes, go visit strangers, and demand they give us candy. I love this holiday, and I love to celebrate it.

Luckily, the celebration doesn’t have to be confined to just Halloween day. This month’s Organized Play event is The Longest Night 2017, which can be run anytime your local gaming store sees fit. This single-day casual event is all about candy, costumes, and carnage. Participants can also earn themselves a sweet Pumpkin patch (see what we did there) based on the Grymkin dread rot head as a prize. Check it out!

In today’s Insider, I’m covering the fairly quick process that was the creation of Colonel Marcus Siege Brisbane’s illustration that appears on the cover for No Quarter Prime #1. Like every other illustration or concept, we first start with a description.

Welcome to the first of many Insiders about some of the Companies of Iron we’ve been building and playing around the office!

In this series of Insiders, we’ll take a Faction and then present two Company of Iron lists and an overview of how they operate. Twice each week, we’ll take a look at a different Faction and feature a 20-point and 25-point list. This edition: Khador.

Ah, Steamroller. That beautiful set of guidelines that helps your local gaming store transform into a battle arena and pit friend against friend in a day full of carnage. So majestic.

The THEMEPOCALYPSE is here! Below you will find links to all sorts of goodies, including a new comprehensive theme force document combining all existing themes (with updated rules) and a whole slew of brand-new theme forces, a couple of dynamic updates on models we wanted to push out the door, and an addition to the Core Rules that will help streamline how theme forces are written and make things a little more intuitive for players.

September 2017 Updated Theme Forces

There are many reasons to be excited for the release of No Quarter Prime #1, but one of my personal favorites is the Strangelight RPG adventure. Players of the Iron Kingdoms Full-Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game are in for a treat as they are granted a never-before-seen side of our setting. From supernatural threats like shades and specters to the insidious Grymkin, the Strangelight Workshop teams battle against the unknown, shining a light on all things that go bump in the night.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Wait, none of those are included in this theme force . . . Let’s try that again, shall we? Satyrs and Warpwolves and Griffons, oh my! Ahh, much better. Call of the Wild is a new theme force focused on the living warbeasts of the Circle Orboros. This theme can be led by any and all of the Circle warlocks and can field all non-character living warbeasts. The warlocks Kromac, Kaya, Krueger, and Una can all be played very effectively under this theme force when running very large battlegroups.

Previously in our theme force Insider series, my fellow staff member (and fellow Will) Will Hungerford talked about the Talion Charter theme. In it, he waxed eloquently about the joys of a pirate’s life and the thrills and derring-do of being a pirate on the high seas of Immoren.

Well, today my friends, I’m going to blow away that PG-13 bright-skies-and-sunny-waves pirate’s life dream world that Hungerford and his mouse-idolizing ways inhabits, and I’m going to show you what real pirates look like in the Iron Kingdoms.

Miniatures come in many different materials. Each one can require a different approach when you are prepping them to paint up for your tabletop. I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss some of the techniques to cleaning up and preparing your models for the Widower’s Wood and Grymkin releases. Widower’s Wood has some amazing models. I have been painting a few for my personal collection and have truly enjoyed the process. The models are made with a softer type plastic typical to board games. Here are some of my tips to help you get those board game models painted.