Cryxian Bile Reservoir Contest Winner

The guidelines for the contest were to build Cryxian- or swamp-themed terrain. We had some great entries, and you guys went crazy with the lighting effects!

We’ll start with the winning piece submitted by Chad Mauch/Chad Obenauer. They built a beautiful Cryxian bile reservoir, complete with a mounted Necrotech to monitor the filling station and rotting victims in the caustic pools of spilled bile.

The reservoir tower is lit from within and you can see the glow of the corrosive ooze seeping out of a leaking panel. Congratulations, Chad!

This was a tough contest to judge because the other entries were all really great:

Brian Lee created a Cryxian corruption tower that pumps bile into the underground water supply of Cryx’s enemies. LED lights create an eerie glow, and Brian came up with rules for using the tower in games.

Greg Dufner came up with a backstory for his terrain piece—a Swamp Gobber still used for brewing fog juice. Those are real raccoon bones that he found and used to represent the skeletal remains of a fallen leviathan. The Swamp Gobbers scavenged parts and scrap metal for their still. The different levels function as elevation in the game.

Christoph Van der Schoot’s swampy terrain features the ruins of an Orgoth artifact left over from the days of the Orgoth Empire. The Cryxian forces no doubt use it for their own unholy designs.

Simon and Scott Foster built their terrain onto a modular tile. Inside the bile tower, a spectral figure can be seen operating the controls and the interior glows with flashing lights.

Chad Mauch and Chad Obenauer win the bile reservoir that I made for the tutorial. Thanks to everyone who sent in entries! I received more photos than I can show here, but I encourage you all to post images in the forum and show off your handy-work! Great work all around!

‘Til next time!