Minefields Contest Winner

We’ve got some great entries to show off for this competition. The guidelines for the contest were to build a minefield or another type of faction-themed dangerous terrain.

The winning piece comes all the way from Norway. Haavard Kongsrud made this old, disused minefield for his gaming club.

It’s got some great texturing and beautifully modeled ground. The tree is sculpted, and the barbed wire is scratch-built from copper wire. The different flocking materials, water, and tufts of tall grass add to the realism of the terrain. Congratulations, Haavard!

The other entries are too cool not to show off as well.

Rudi Waldschuetz got creative with his minefield. The mines themselves are Retribution-themed, and the sign reads “Live Mines.” The reverse side of the sign reads “Mines Cleared” in Khadoran. Tricky, those Iosans!

Joshua Mann’s minefield is littered with the remains of its victims. ’Jack parts and body parts are strewn about. The heads on stakes serve as a warning to anyone who dares trespass.

Christoph Van der Schoot sent in a few dangerous terrain pieces. The first are some Cryxian pipes that are leaking acidic ooze. The next is an homage to Monty Python: an area of rocky terrain inhabited by a deadly rabbit. The final piece, while unfinished, is a neat premise: a Cygnaran electromagnet. I like the idea of models with a lot of metal (perhaps anything with a high ARM) testing to avoid becoming immobilized for a round as they advance past the magnet.

Haavard Kongsrud wins the minefields that I made for the tutorial. Thanks to everyone who sent in entries! Great work!