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Khadoran Inn

I’ve made a ton of Iron Kingdoms buildings over the years. Most of them have been distinctly Cygnaran—what I find to be the “generic” Iron Kingdoms style of architecture. No Quarter Magazine #23 contains a tutorial for more Cygnaran-looking structures. For this tutorial, however, I am going to focus on buildings with a distinct Khadoran flare. Khadoran architecture features roofs with a steeper gable, and many of the larger structures are topped with domes or steeples. To further differentiate the Khadoran aesthetic, I imagine more wood and stone being used for supports.

Trollkin Waystones Contest Winner

The response to the first hobby blog has been overwhelmingly positive. The contest was a big success, and we got a ton of great entries!

Trollkin Waystones

Just a few weeks ago I posted a list of the materials to stockpile for today's blog. For quick reference, here it is again: http://privateerpress.com/community/privateer-insider/insider-1-17-2011

Hobby Blog Introduction

Starting today Privateer Hobby will collect and display the best parts of the Privateer Press hobby experience! Starting with gallery shots of our terrain and figures, we'll soon be adding galleries of our painting competition winners, player submissions, and tutorials for hobby projects! You can check out the new page here.

In addition, I’ll be kicking off a new series of tutorial blogs featuring WARMACHINE and HORDES battlefield terrain. I’ll be showing off some of my secret tips and tricks, and there will be a way for you, the readers, to win the actual piece featured in the blog (more on that later).