Storm Strider Assembly Guide

Towering over the battlefield, the mighty Storm Strider is ready to send a deadly shock to all who threaten the nation of Cygnar. While it's voltaic weaponry may represent some of the most advanced mechanika ever created in the Iron Kingdoms this guide will make assembling your own Storm Strider no trouble at all.

Begin by washing the parts in warm soapy water to remove any remaining release agent. Allow the parts to dry, then clean and trim them of any excess material as you would any other model. Pay particular attention to the venting on the lower legs marked in red as well as the flash on the coils.

Glue the upper and lower leg parts together to create the four legs. There are two different types of leg on the Storm Strider; two will be attached at a 45° angle, and the other two will be attached at a 90° angle. Attach the 45° angle legs to the torso using the front right and back left slots, and attach the 90° angle legs using the front left and back right slots. The precut slots make aligning the legs properly a breeze, but you can always get creative and reposition the legs to suit your tastes. Just make sure to test fit the new leg positions thoroughly before gluing!

With the lower torso complete, attach the gantry. Although it’s not required you can use a 1.90 mm pin for added support.

Attach the voltaic generator to the gantry. Next attach the coil assembly to the gantry, using the precut slot on the bottom of the assembly and the plug on the rear of the gantry. Attach the railings to the gantry using the precut slots and plugs to correctly align them.

With the Storm Strider complete the last thing to do before painting is to assemble the crew. Attach the driver’s arms first, ensuring their final positions will allow the levers to attach properly to the holes in the floor plate. Then glue the driver to the plate. It is best to keep the crew separate for painting.