Vessel of Judgment Assembly Guide

The Vessel of Judgment is a reliquary capable of delivering Menoth’s wrath into the heart of the enemy. This resin kit is one of our most elaborate sculpts to date, and there are a few details to note when assembling it.

Start by examining the contents. Lay out the parts and clean the flash and mold lines. The Vessel of Judgment is cast primarily of resin but has a metal crew, two metal fenders, and two metal chains. Cleaning the metal parts is easily done with clippers, a hobby knife, and a file set. Use the clippers to remove large pieces of flash and the knife and files to smooth out the mold lines.

Similar to metal parts, resin parts have flash that needs to be removed. This excess resin is from the plastic sprue used to hold the part in place inside the silicone mold. On the Vessel, two flat plates of flash fill the negative space above the wheel attachments on the rear axle (highlighted red in the photo). You can easily remove them by gently grasping them with a pair of clippers and pulling them out.

It is important to note that resin dust can be toxic if inhaled, so be sure to wear a dust mask when working with resin parts. An N-95 respirator is best. Using a hobby knife to scrape the mold lines creates less dust than sanding or filing, so it is the recommended method. There are times when sanding is necessary, however, and for this we recommend a wet sanding technique. Wet sanding is done with sandpaper dipped in water. The water helps trap the resin dust, preventing the particulates from releasing into the air. Sandpaper intended for wet sanding has a plastic backing rather than paper, which would deteriorate in water. When you are finished cleaning the resin parts, wash them with soap and water to remove any excess resin dust and to ensure there is no mold release agent remaining on the part. The mold release can sometimes leave a greasy residue that may prevent paint from adhering to the model.

When cleaning the large spiked wheels note that one of the spikes on each wheel has been flattened so that the model sits level on the base. Don’t worry about cleaning the reverse side of the wheels, as that surface won’t be visible once the model is assembled.

Once you have cleaned the mold lines and removed the flash from the parts, move on to the assembly. Start by attaching the small wheels to the rear axle with Formula P3 Super Glue.

The pulpit fits snugly into the slot on the front of the chassis. If the fit is too tight you may need to shave the edges a little with a hobby knife. When you are satisfied with the fit, super glue the pulpit in place. Use Formula P3 Modeling Putty to smooth over the seam where the two parts meet. Modeling putty can also be used to fill any small air bubbles in the casting.

Dry fit the large wheels onto the pulpit assembly before gluing. There are notches that ensure each wheel attaches at the appropriate angle. Super glue the rear axle and the pulpit together and ensure the wheels all rest level. Then fit the organ tower into place atop the wheels.

Remove the large wheels and super glue the metal fenders onto the front of the Vessel. This completes the main body of the Vessel, and you may wish to paint it before attaching it to the base or adding the crew. Paint the chassis and the large wheels separately so that you can easily reach the interior areas of the wheel well with your brush.

Assembling the priest and the zealot is pretty straightforward. The spare tassel in the kit attaches to the zealot’s belt. It is recommended you attach the models to a painting stand (a spare base will do fine) and paint them separately from the Vessel.

When attaching the Vessel to the base, be sure to set it back far enough to leave room for the zealot. Start by super gluing the chains into the slots on the front of the pulpit. Next, position the Vessel of Judgment and the zealot on the base. When you know where the Vessel will sit, super glue it in place, then attach the zealot. The chains can be bent slightly to fit the position of the zealot’s hands. The open end of the chain fits over the ring on the zealot’s gauntlets. Finally, super glue the priest atop the pulpit, facing the doors of the reliquary.