Name Correction

While there was never any intention on Privateer's part to draw a parallel between the Crucible Guard character Adolpheus Morely and any historical figure, some members of our community have continued to question this connection. While we thought we had sufficiently addressed the reality of some thin but unfortunate similarities, the matter has come up enough times that we have chosen to retroactively change the character's name so there will be no further confusion that provokes comparisons to any historical personality. The Iron Kingdoms is a fantasy setting, and we do not use it to make any commentary on real-world history; as such, we find any such comparisons unacceptable. To ensure an end to any misrepresentation, the character’s name has been changed to "Alejandro Mosby." The corresponding stat card on the online database and War Room have been updated to reflect this change, as will our sales catalog and online store entry. The blister slip packaging will also be updated at our first opportunity. We appreciate your understanding as we make this adjustment to Iron Kingdoms canon.