Privateer Press' Latest Organized Play Event Advances the Iron Kingdoms Story

January 15, 2019

Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press’ first Organized Play event of 2019 for WARMACHINE and HORDES, Winter Rampage, launched this month with a twist: outcomes of players’ participation in the story-driven event directly impact the games’ overall setting.

At the center of this single-day event lies the war-torn nation of Llael, which is besieged by Iron Kingdoms enemies on one side but protected by allies on the other. As players participate in the growing narrative to determine the fate of the nation, the Organized Play team at Privateer collates player reports to determine the next part of the story. These outcomes are then incorporated into the setting’s latest work of fiction, the third installment in author Aeryn Rudel’s Acts of War series. Part I of Stormbreak has already been published (, and part II is being drafted as reports are submitted.

“The story will continue to evolve through our annual Privateer Press convention, Lock & Load GameFest,” says Lead Developer William Hungerford. “Over the course of three different events, we’ll see if Llael is liberated from or dominated by its enemies.”

There’s still time for players to get in on the action and determine the course of the Iron Kingdoms history. Retailers are able to obtain Winter Rampage 2019 Prize Kits by logging into their accounts on the official Privateer Press store (, and they can continue to host and report events through January 31, 2019, in order to impact the story.

The next event begins in April. The ongoing installments of Stormbreak, reflecting player input from this first Winter Rampage even, will be available for free through the Privateer Press Organized Play site.

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