Primecast Episode 49

Privateer Press Primecast episode 49 is on the air!

Your hosts, Will Shick and Will Hungerford, embrace their turkey rage and lean into the holidays to discuss the release of the 12 Factions of Christmas. Douglas Seacat, Matt Goetz, and Will Shick then talk about Gators, Gobbers, and their "Stuff and Things." Also, where one keeps one's dracodile. Will, Will, and Will (Hungerford, Pagani, Oz) break down and go over the wrap of the Blackfleet CID. J.R. joins Hungerford to take a look at shows and events in 2018 and to drop details on Lock & Load GameFest 2018! Finally, we close out with Hungerford and Shick discussing the Winter Rampage Organized Play Event and looking ahead to Episode 50.

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